The Agile Learner

The Agile Learner

agile-learningMarshall Goldsmith, prolific author of management and business books, states that successful leaders of the future will needlearning agility. This is an ability to be flexible in what one learns and how one learns.

Learning agility is important no matter what a person pursues in life because we are immersed in an information-rich environment. The capability to be interested in and understand content in diverse fields is simply a requirement for effective living.

This is one of the advantages of well-designed digital learning. Digital formats tend to parse information into reasonable chunks, making it easy to get involved, learn what is needed, exit when convenient and return later for another visit. This type of accessibility is not only attuned to a busy lifestyle, it is attuned to how we learn. Learning in small bits makes it easier to absorb and retain information than marathon learning sessions. Thus, learning through digital media can help support learning agility.


Learner Personas for E-Learning

One thing we can learn from the field of User Experience design is how to create user personas, better known as learner personas in the world of eLearning. Personas are well-developed profiles of audience member groups for whom we are designing a course.

These audience groups are prototypes of learners in your target audience that share common characteristics, such as their training goals, job responsibilities, educational background or skill level. Every course has at least one audience group and most courses have several. Lire la suite